Not only is Rock City Gardens unique because we grow all of our flowers on-site and offer them at the peak of season, but our clients also have had the advantage of pre-ordering their flowers in spring. That means their gardens were ready to shine by the following fall. We have always grown our own flowers from seedlings or rooted cuttings purchased from growers so we can grow our flowers on site and have them available at the peak of season. Our “We Grow For You” program has proved to be highly successful. It enables you to order the specific variety, color and quantity of flowers that you want. Rock City specialists even plant your flowers and care for them throughout the season if you so choose.

Now, in order to offer a greater variety of geraniums and make them more readily available on demand in early winter, we are propagating and rooting our own cuttings during the summer months. And it all takes place in our newly upgraded greenhouses, complete with fans and electronically controlled cooling, heating and misting systems. We can now control the entire growing process right on site!

To take advantage of our unique “We Grow for You” service, please call Rhonda or Shirley at 772.589.5835. Orders for season must be placed early so we have time to grow your beautiful blooms.