From little plugs of soil and seedlings, we grow beautiful varieties in our own greenhouses. Using the finest custom mixed potting soils and fertilizers, our flowers consistently draw rave reviews. We take tremendous pride in our own nursery-grown flowers. It’s rare that a retail nursery grows its own flowers, and it’s a beautiful feature that sets Rock City apart from other nurseries.

The benefit is that your new flowers are freshly grown, they are never jostled about being loaded and unloaded, nor have they spent hours or days in dark delivery trucks. For that reason, our flowers and plants produce more gorgeous blooms and foliage, are healthier, and live much longer for your enjoyment.

People drive great distances to purchase our robust geraniums, impatiens, begonias and petunias. For plants beyond the usual, you’ll be delighted to find a myriad of varieties residing in our grow houses. Many of our seasonal customers reserve their special order of homegrown flowers for the next season before they head north in the spring.

Visit us and choose from our flower crops at the peak of perfection. You can rest assured that flowers grown on site are the ones that thrive at the time of year we offer them. Delivery and installation can be arranged through our Garden Boutique.